Thursday, December 11, 2008

I'm Claiming This One

I guess she felt slided when i didn't come home
with a slushy for her!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day!

The day is almost here! Last year we had ham,
(not sure why) we usually always have turkey on
Thanksgiving and a ham for Christmas. I wonder
how many families out there actually make turkey
on "Turkey Day"! This year will just be me and the
kids so I will be making a small turkey and some of
the trimmings...still going to attempt a pumpkin pie
(not store bought). I will be putting my kids to work
in the kitchen which they should enjoy, they love to
help cook. As long as I don't burn anything and the
animals stay out of the food things should be good!
Enjoy Turkey Day Everyone!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Neighbors

This is Buddy

Little Bit

Had to share pics of my hilarious neighbors.
They love their carrots and if your nice, they
will stay in their enclosure and not make you
chase them down the street! Yes we did that
last year with Buddy. He thought we needed
some exercise I guess. Running circles around
our house chasing after a huge horse was not
what I had on my to-do list that day! But if you
ever get in this predicament...a trail of carrots
works wonders, so I would go stock up just in

Who's Boss?

My computer decided I shouldn't use it for awhile
so I let it cool down so to speak, then I had to show
it who's boss....Out here you just have to man handle
things a little! Anyway back up and running, until the
next power outage that is. Winter is here and ice storms
will soon be coming I'm sure. This year I will be better

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Weekly Giveaway

Get the Bean is giving away another
1lb bag of Gourmet Coffee or Tea!
Hurry and get in your entry while
you can! You don't want to miss out
on some awesome flavors!


We won the first Playoff game! Now we wait to see who
wins the next game, then we will know who we play next.
It was a great game, but sooooo cold and windy. We are
probably all going to be coughing tomorrow...

Oh the Life!

So spoiled aren't they..... I wonder what is going
through their minds right now!


Well we have finally made it to the Playoffs...
little league that is! Those little guys have played
their heart out this season. We are ranked 3rd at
the moment which is so cool I think! I've been so
busy with sports practices and games that I
haven't even had time to post until now...and it
doesn't end after this, just a new sport coming up
next! I really wish there were two, or three of me

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Those Darn Pumpkins!

Yes the time has come for everyone to get out
of their shell and become someone else for the
night! Pumpkin Patch field trips to find that
special pumpkin to dissassemble and become
part of the experimental dessert, centerpiece,
or my favorite "Good Ol Jack".

The trusty sewing machine definitely did not
come out this year, we resorted to store bought
or recycled (from last year) costumes this year.
We do not have trick or treaters that come our
way.....I don't blame them I get a workout just
walking to neighbors house! And at night.....
my kids run screaming their head off at the
slightest sound coming from the tall weeds or the
cat jumping out of the bushes (yes the oldest one
too)! I laughed my tail off the first time my son
called me from his friends house to come pick
him up (we live on the same street for crying out
loud)!! You never know when one of those darn
cows are going to jump out at you :)

So carving the pumpkins will definitely just be
for us from now on, since nobody will be coming
to see little ones in scary costumes
anyway. Hopefully the pumpkins sitting on our
porch won't scare my poor dogs into complete
barking insanity. If I was a dog I'm sure those
darn pumpkins would creep me out too.....crazy
faces flickering light at me!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Why didn't someone tell me we were done
playing hide and seek???? I knew those dogs
would never find me in here!

Monday, October 27, 2008

And I thought the barn cats were cute.....

Ok so maybe they are cute....but when you find all 12 (yes I counted them) on your screened in porch tearing through the trash bags you have piled up (note to self- have a little "chat" with the boys in the morning )....the cuteness meter shoots way down! I guess I will be getting some trim and a new screen tomorrow...gotta love the hardware store :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Critters

This is Kit Kat, she's a year old. She was so tiny when she found us!

This is Mystery, an 8yr old rottweiler mix (mixed with what we have no idea). She found her way onto our doorstep when she was about 3 months old.

This is Thor, one of Mystery's puppies that we kept. Her baby boy (who's twice the size of her)!

This is Isis, Mystery's baby girl (also twice her size).

When we first moved here we only had Mystery, now 3 dogs and a cat....OMG what where we thinking!! I guess moving on to what I call a farm, I should of expected it. We also have 2 other dogs that come visit all the time, along with 12 barn cats that sort of belong to the person that leases the land next to us!

Got Water Problems???

Water heaters are supposed to last forever right? Yes it's a ridiculous thought, but that's what went into my naive mind a few months ago when my large water heater went out on me. Of course it had to happen on a weekend (washing your children's hair in the kitchen sink is not as appealing and quick as I thought it would be)! After buying a new one and having it installed (at a ridiculous price I might add) , I figured everything was good to go...WRONG! A month later after getting a huge water bill I found the massive leak coming from one of the water connections. Now I have water damage. Talk about a dent in my day! I did learn alot from that experience though.
That experience didn't prepare me for the next water problem. Yes less than 2 months later, more problems! This time it was a massive leak on my side of the water meter. I know it was the hottest part of the summer but that's not the kind of water I was praying for!
And just when you think your water problems are behind you for a little go into the kitchen to finish a load of dishes only to find there is no hot water! Yes my finger is flipping through the big yellow book to yet again find the plummers number (should have somebody on speed dial by now)!
Just one of the many quirks to owning your own home (I mean farm)!!
On to the next challenge...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

So Now What?

So you've moved from a place that has been your "home" for many years to a new state. You've purchased a new house with more land than you would of possibly thought you would have. You are out in the country (literally your nextdoor neighbor is half a mile away). Your children look at you like your crazy. So now what??

This was my question a year ago.

I am not really what you would consider to be a "city girl", but I've never been a "country girl" either. My husband was so excited to buy this old farm house with a lot of land and I guess I convinced myself it was what I wanted too. I know it's only been a year, but since we are military my husband has been gone for most of it. I really did not know what I was getting myself into here. I was not prepared I should say!

I started this blog to unload my thoughts and things that I have learned or plan to learn about a woman's life on the farm! I welcome any comments!