Thursday, October 30, 2008

Those Darn Pumpkins!

Yes the time has come for everyone to get out
of their shell and become someone else for the
night! Pumpkin Patch field trips to find that
special pumpkin to dissassemble and become
part of the experimental dessert, centerpiece,
or my favorite "Good Ol Jack".

The trusty sewing machine definitely did not
come out this year, we resorted to store bought
or recycled (from last year) costumes this year.
We do not have trick or treaters that come our
way.....I don't blame them I get a workout just
walking to neighbors house! And at night.....
my kids run screaming their head off at the
slightest sound coming from the tall weeds or the
cat jumping out of the bushes (yes the oldest one
too)! I laughed my tail off the first time my son
called me from his friends house to come pick
him up (we live on the same street for crying out
loud)!! You never know when one of those darn
cows are going to jump out at you :)

So carving the pumpkins will definitely just be
for us from now on, since nobody will be coming
to see little ones in scary costumes
anyway. Hopefully the pumpkins sitting on our
porch won't scare my poor dogs into complete
barking insanity. If I was a dog I'm sure those
darn pumpkins would creep me out too.....crazy
faces flickering light at me!


Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I cracked up when you about the cows jumping out at you! It sounds like your neighborhood is like mine. Acres away from each other with livestock surrounding you!!

Jen said...

Exactly how it is!!

nikkicrumpet said...

Wow..I'd be spooked by those sneaky stealth cows!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN said...

I'm jealous that you live on a farm. I'm new to the blog, but I am now following you.