Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Critters

This is Kit Kat, she's a year old. She was so tiny when she found us!

This is Mystery, an 8yr old rottweiler mix (mixed with what we have no idea). She found her way onto our doorstep when she was about 3 months old.

This is Thor, one of Mystery's puppies that we kept. Her baby boy (who's twice the size of her)!

This is Isis, Mystery's baby girl (also twice her size).

When we first moved here we only had Mystery, now 3 dogs and a cat....OMG what where we thinking!! I guess moving on to what I call a farm, I should of expected it. We also have 2 other dogs that come visit all the time, along with 12 barn cats that sort of belong to the person that leases the land next to us!


Anna Lefler said...

Omigosh, your dogs and cat are sooo cute! I love pet photos...

Thanks for becoming a follower on my blog - I really appreciate that! I look forward to reading more of your posts...

Have a great day!

:^) Anna

just me... said...

They are all beautiful but wow, Thor is gorgeous!

Sounds like us: at one time last fall, we had 14 barn cats! Now most have disappeared and only 1 of the 'originals' remains along with 4 kittens from this year's crop of young.

Add that to the 4 LARGE barn dogs that live at the barn, my own German Shepherd (in the house) and my house cat... we're quite a menagerie too. I won't even get into all the horses and cows!

I live on a ranch in TX. I thought living in the country would be boring! Ha! I invite you to check out my blog

Thanks! BTW, I got here through Twittermoms! Follow me at @fabfarm

Jen said...

I just found Twittermoms myself and through there have found so many cool blogs!! Thanks for commenting, there for awhile I thought I would be the only one here talking to myself! haha I will definitely check out your blog and be following you on twittermoms!

Anna -Thanks for following my blog, I love yours!