Sunday, October 26, 2008

Got Water Problems???

Water heaters are supposed to last forever right? Yes it's a ridiculous thought, but that's what went into my naive mind a few months ago when my large water heater went out on me. Of course it had to happen on a weekend (washing your children's hair in the kitchen sink is not as appealing and quick as I thought it would be)! After buying a new one and having it installed (at a ridiculous price I might add) , I figured everything was good to go...WRONG! A month later after getting a huge water bill I found the massive leak coming from one of the water connections. Now I have water damage. Talk about a dent in my day! I did learn alot from that experience though.
That experience didn't prepare me for the next water problem. Yes less than 2 months later, more problems! This time it was a massive leak on my side of the water meter. I know it was the hottest part of the summer but that's not the kind of water I was praying for!
And just when you think your water problems are behind you for a little go into the kitchen to finish a load of dishes only to find there is no hot water! Yes my finger is flipping through the big yellow book to yet again find the plummers number (should have somebody on speed dial by now)!
Just one of the many quirks to owning your own home (I mean farm)!!
On to the next challenge...

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