Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day!

The day is almost here! Last year we had ham,
(not sure why) we usually always have turkey on
Thanksgiving and a ham for Christmas. I wonder
how many families out there actually make turkey
on "Turkey Day"! This year will just be me and the
kids so I will be making a small turkey and some of
the trimmings...still going to attempt a pumpkin pie
(not store bought). I will be putting my kids to work
in the kitchen which they should enjoy, they love to
help cook. As long as I don't burn anything and the
animals stay out of the food things should be good!
Enjoy Turkey Day Everyone!


NHmommy said...

hope you have a great thanksgiving then with just you and the kid. I am actually making a mini meal for tomorrow with the in laws..yikes. I too am going to attempt a pumpkin pie using evaporated goat milk...should be interesting. My son is allergic to cow's milk and I am lactose intolerant. Makes holidays..not so fun

Jen said...

Good luck with all that....Neither side of the family can make it this year so I don't have too much pressure, thank goodness!

Keeper of the Skies Wife said...

I can't wait to cook and stuff my face!!!