Monday, May 4, 2009

Rain, Rain, go away!

I don't know about you but this past weekend was pretty crappy....we didn't get much done because of the rainy cold weather. And to top it all off I am sick (no not the "swine flu"), just a nasty cold. I know we need the rain here but it just makes me want to crawl up with a blanket and go to sleep...won't get anything done doing that. I'm sure the ground was great for all the fourwheelers though! you could hear them off in the distance....should think about getting some, my kids would love it!! And today it's still rainy and cold!!


Anonymous said...

Ugghh, I know what you mean, it's been raining where I live and I'm sick as well! I hope you get better!

Anonymous said...

hey, happy blogoversary or happy birthday to your blog today, oct 19. i'm celebrating mine as well and check out the site to know who else is celebrating this day.

nice to see your blog. keep blogging girl!